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This is a crazy world, people lie to you so you can buy the trash they sell (we don’t need that at all, this real life testimonial will make you trust this INSTANT SOLUTION and enrol right away 

Dear friend,

I can never forget the sad event that happened on 20th august 2019  I went to the market and bought a skincare product that almost burnt down my skin  Oh my bad, I was in a serious pain and blamed myself for buying the crazy skincare product. 

I remember staring at the mirror, which brought back Old memories. This was how it all began. My face was getting so rough, black spots started popping up on my Face and I noticed that my skin kept getting darker. I bought all the Creams I could afford Oh, and even borrowed money to buy very Expensive Ones too, which had led to me buying that particular skin product that almost damaged my skin. 

That moment, I could not hold it anymore; hot tears flowed down my cheeks. I just wasted another 50k that have cause more damage to my skin, I said to myself as I curse under my breath...

I was fed up. I needed to find a solution and FAST before I lost my mind. But how do I do this without wasting my time and more money?

I quickly started looking for how to remedy the damage that was done to my skin and get back a better smooth, glowing and radiant skin

I was buried in research, going from one blog post to the other, one youtube video to the other while using myself as a lab rat.  I paid for various trainings on how to produce quality and no side effect skincare products. Some charged more than 50K and some were even full of fluff. It was not an easy time for me.

And then eureka! It happened! After months of using myself as a sample experiment testing different ingredients on my skin, I finally found what worked!

I couldn't believe my eyes, my experiments had worked. My skin was restored, become radiant and always glowing. My friends noticed the changes and i even receive complements from strangers. They have one common questions they ask me: “what are you using for your skin?”

I would explain my solution to them. Initially, I was scared because I thought I was just lucky and my solution might not work for them. Lo and behold, they all told me the good news on how their skin has become more even toned and glowing after following the procedures I gave them. They began referring their friends to me to help them out. It was then I realized that I was not just lucky and my procedures were effective. I was trying my best to answer everyone and support all them, so I created this training which  i am giving it to you out of a deep desire to gain control over what YOU are putting on our skin.

And today I want to offer you the same trianing over 20 of my friends and 200 others have tested and proven.   Thinking of all the bad experiences I went through and thinking of other people who are still struggling to get a smooth, radiant and glowing skin.

That part of my that really love helping people made me to set up a POWER-PACKED program so I can people struggling like how I struggled last year or who want to learn how to make skin care products so they can put a stop to all the  UGLY WASTING of money on skincare products that DOESN’T work.   Relax. I am going to prove this to you. Take a look at the image below. This is me when I was still wasting money on expensive skin care products that didn't even work

This is me 2 months after I started experimenting making my own skincare products that I am about to reveal to you on how to produce shortly from your HOME



A Complete Step-by-Step Program On How To Produce 130+ no side-effect Skincare Products So You Can use It To look More Beautiful, Have A radiant and Smooth Skin

… PLUS…Also Make At Least 150,000 naira Every single Month Selling Those Skincare Products Using My “Secret Sales Method”.

 In this Complete A-Z Program, you will discover the EXACT steps of producing the following 130+ EFFECTIVE skincare products  without WASTING money EVER on skincare products
MODULE 1: INTRODUCTION TO SKINCARE PRODUCTION   In This Module You Will Learn The Following.    
1. Introduction to skincare
2. How to know your skin type    
3. Measurement and conversion units for skincare products formulation  
4. Equipment’s and materials needed in formulation of skincare products    
5. Know your skincare ingredients such as organic ingredients, promixing ingredients, carrier oils, essential oils.  
6. How to use Skincare preservatives.                
This is worth          20,000 naira value   (GET IT NOW)
7. How to make Creamy face cleanser
8.  how to make Pimples cleanser
9.  How to produce Sunburn cleanser
10. How to produce Facial spot remover
11. How to produce Whitening face cleanser
12. How to produce Swiss whitening cleanser
13. How to produce Face cleanser (chocolate/ dark skin)
14. How to produce Tea tree oil face wash
15. How to produce Oatmeal lavender facial scrub
16. How to produce Green tea face moisturizer
17. How to produce Green tea face toner
18. How to produce Pimple or Acne removal facial mask
19. How to produce Facial mud mask
20. How to produce activated charcoal peel-off mask
21. How to produce Oatmeal almond facial mask
22. How to produce Cleansing honey face mask
23. How to produce Super-half cast facial wash
24. How to produce Rose face cream
25. How to produce Pimples face cream
26. How to produce Anti aging face cream      
This module is worth 30,000 naira value     (GET IT NOW)
  Module 3: In this module, you will learn HOW TO PRODUCE the following serum:      
27. Face glow serum
28. Rejuvenating facial serums
29.  Anti aging face serum
30. Anti wrinkle vitamin c serum
31. Vitamin C serum
32. Skin whitening serum
33. Eyebrow Growth serum
34. Hair growth serum           
This module is worth            15,000 naira value     (GET IT NOW)    
MODULE 4: In this module, you will learn HOW TO MAKE body butters and creams    
35. How to make a base cream
36. Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
37. Natural sunscreen 38. Sun burn cream
39. Moringa body butter
40. Whipped shea butter
41. Glow body butter for kids
42. Ebony body butter
43. Chocolate glow body butter
44. Hot chocolate boy butter
45. Skin whitening butter
46. Milk toning cream
47. Body spot removal cream
48. Dark knuckles cream
49. Dark knuckles cleanser
50. Dark knuckles removal
51. Eczema cream
52. Dark thigh cream
53. Vitamin E cream
54. Stretch mark cream
55. Half-cast cream
56. Lightening face cream
57. whitening cream
58. Snow white cream
59. Arabian glow whitening cream
60. Thailand whitening cream
61. Infused carrot cream
62. Skin firming cream
63. Day face cream 64. Night face cream 65. Skin glow night cream                             
The cost of this MODULE alone is  50,000 naira value   (GET IT NOW)  
66. Hand lotion 67. Filipino lotion
68. Avocado and cocoa butter body lotion
69. Night lightening lotion
70. Cleopatra whitening body lotion
71. Super-half cast lotion
72. Moroccan whitening body lotion
73. Glutax whitening body lotion,
74. Russian whitening lotion
75. 10 days whitening lotion
76. Crystal white lotion
77. Swiss lighetening/whitening lotion
78. Noble white lotion
79. Caramel tone lotion                 
Total cost of this module alone is 25,500 naira value       (GET IT NOW)  
MODULE6: You will learn how to make the following skin oil:  
80. Nourishing skin cleansing oil
81. Stretch mark oil
82. Skin glow oil
83. Dark eye circle oil
84. Lemon oil,  
85. Carrot oil
86. Coconut oil
87. Tumeric oil
88. Egyptian lightening magic oil
89. Bleached skin oil
90. half cast body oil
91. Green vein removal oil
92. Peeling oil
93. Bright and glow oil
94. Lightening oil
95. Whitening oil
96. Moroccan whitening oil
97. Breast firming oil
98. Breast firming mask
99.  Hips enlargement oil
100.  Butt enlargement oil             
The cost of this module is worth   18,000 naira value   (GET IT NOW)      
Hold on....   There Is More      
MODULE 7: In this module, you will learn HOW TO PRODUCE BODY WASH, SCRUB AND SOAP.    
101. Stretch mark soap
102. exfoliating soap
103. Pimples facial soap
104. Facial spot removal soap
105. Body spot removal soap
106. Moroccan whitening soap
107. Cleopatra facial soap
108. Extra whitening black soap
109. Hair shampoo with African black soap
110. Skin glow herbal soap
111. Skin toning herbal soap
112. Whitening melt and pour face soap
113. Egyptian lightening body wash
114. Super-half cast facial wash
115. Swiss whitening body wash
116. Arabian glow whitening body wash
117. Herbal lightening liquid wash
118. Ultra whitening shower milk
119. Egyptian body milk
120.  Whitening body polish
121. Cleopatra whitening body polish
122. Super half cast scrub
123. Lightening body scrub
124. Whitening body scrub
125. Stretch mark scrub
126.  Collagen body scrub
127. Dark knuckles scrub
128. Coffee scrub
129. Dark underarm scrub
130. Shower gel
131. super half cast shower gel             
This module is worth  25,000 naira value   (GET IT NOW)    
  And that’s not all   For the first 10 persons to enrol into this program right now, I’m going to include these 11 MOUTH-WATERING FREE bonuses designed to help you get results FASTER


You will get a VALUE BOMB training on how to package your skincare products and sell TRUCKLOADS Of it landing you CRAZY pure profit. This is exclusive for the first 10 persons to enroll right now

35,000 naira value
And I’m not even done…


You‘ll also get a RED HOT eBook that reveals exactly how to permanently eliminate VAGINA ODOUR in just 14 days.                10,000 NAIRA VALUE

Because, I want to ensure you get the best out of this program, I went ahead and added more DIE-HARD EXCLUSIVE FREE BONUSES JUST FOR YOU.


You’ll get an AMAZING ebook that shows you exactly how to TIGHTEN a loose vagina and also how to solve the DRY VAGINA problem in less than 17 days

15,500 naira value


You will get hip and butt enlargement solution ebook


You will get breast enlargement solution ebook  


You will get how to get pink lips ebook


You will get an ebook that shows you how to make baby skin care products.       FREE BONUS #8  

You’ll also get a comprehensive list of trusted and original skincare ingredients seller in Nigeria…plus… They can deliver to you nationwide.

 There are LOADS of FAKE ingredients sellers out there. Fall into their hands and you will lose LOTS of money.   20,500 naira value   Hold on… There Is More…                                  

FREE BONUS #9       

  A Fully Attended  WhatsApp Support Group.

Have any question?  

Run into any block while producing any of the skincare product I will teach you how to produce?  

It’s absolutely normal you will have question and usually when people ask honest questions where they got stuck, training coach arrogantly shut the question down, making it look like you are dumb or not putting in enough efforts.   I’m completely eliminating this dirty behaviour in the market place  by throwing in a fully attended WhatsApp support group where you can drop all your questions no matter what it is at any time, any day even if its 12am.   Once I see it, I will personally reply to them so that you can have clarity on all your questions and not get stuck anywhere.                         

45,000 naira value

     There Is Still More…          
You Also Get a Certificate At The End Of The Training.
One of the aim of this training is to make you so good at skincare production, you will be able to easily produce ANY skincare cream, lotion, serum, soap or oil you want without sweat.  


Access to the training materials for life in a downloadable ebook format which you  CHECK always  

Plus so much much more I have for you inside…       You Don’t Have To Take my Word For It, Here Are Reviews From Our Past Trainees Who Are 100% Satisfied With The Program

This trianing has helped understand different skin types and how to work with them, getting this course is the most important thing I have done for my business this year. Before I signed up for this trianing, I was really frustrated because I had taken skincare courses,  trianing and programs in the past but I didn't get any valuable knowledge and had no confidence in creating products that suits my skin type and for other people. I don't trust adverts but I decided to give it a chance and never had regrets. After the trianing, I started my skincare business and it grew beyond my belief.  This trianing will benefit anyone not just those who want to start a skin care business because we all know that it is very important what we put on our skin ……. Magaret, Meg Pearl Oils and Skincare.

Just imagine this right now…….

I am standing in front of you holding the ULTIMATE SKIN CARE PRODUCTION SECRET + ALL the FREE bonuses worth over 30,000 + in total   Plus a guarantee…  

That if you put to use everything I will show you, you will be able to produce over 130+ skincare products…..   Not only that….   You will also be able to sell those skincare products to people who will pay you hugely using my “secret marketing system” and make nothing less than 150,000+ every freaking month.  

….and you’re holding #30,000 in your hands right now.    


  The N30,000 in your hands or my N150k/month PROFITABLE skill acquisition blueprint?   Great!   I know you are so smart and wise who knows a ‘massive too-good to be true’ investment when you see one.

  Now I want to make this happen for you.   I won’t take the N30, 000 in your hand    Even if you want me to…..   And you will likely make 100-300% more in your first 30days of starting the business. Let’s face it…..   N30,000 is nothing compared to the joy and excitement of finally having a smooth, radiant, shiny skin that will make people always admire and compliment you, make you look super beautiful and attractive.    

So how much would I take to grant you access to this ULTIMATE SKIN CARE PRODUCTION SECRET?    

Not N20, 000.   Not even N10, 000.  

To get access to the private WhatsApp group where this training will take place,

You will be paying only N3, 500 when you get it TODAY.

Hurry NOW, classes almost filled up.

What?  Precious, are you crazy?  It is toooooo cheap!  

I know   Here Is Why I’m doing this…     I’m doing this so you will have no excuse why you don’t have a very smooth and shinny skin ever again.

 If you think N3,500  is too much to invest so you can learn how  to produce 130+ skincare products that will help you get a smooth and shinning skin without WASTING any money buying EXPENSIVE products that might not work for your skin type   …plus you will also learn how to sell those skincare product so you can generate CRAZY profit monthly even if you are a complete newbie.    

….then close this page at this point.


But if you think this is a massive bargain, then wait till you see what more I have in store for you.

See, I won’t be happy if you aren’t satisfied with this ultimate skincare production secret.

No one wants to waste money…….not even me.  
I understand that you are registering for this skincare production secret blueprint with your “hard earned money”.  

And I respect that.   That is exactly why I’m giving you a 30 days no-nonsense 100% satisfaction or all your money back guarantee.


Now, here is what the guarantee is.  
When you sign up for this trianing, I will personally hold you by the hand and show how to do EVERYTHING step-by-step so that you don’t have to get stuck at the way.  

Now, if at any point during the training or after the training, you feel that what I have shown you is nonsense and you feel that what I showed you cannot make you 10x the amount you invested in this program.

You Are Free To Ask For Your 100% Amount You Paid For This POWER PACKED-PROGRAM

I mean every damn penny

   …and I will refund you immediately without asking you much question. 

As long as I see you tried all I asked you, implemented all the marketing secrets, super converting methods and strategies I will reveal to you and you still didn’t get the result you expected.    

That means I have failed woefully.  

I will TOTALLY RETURN ALL your money.  

That’s not all…  

 I will also allow you to have ALL the training materials, FREE bonuses worth 32,000 naira as a way of apologizing for wasting your time and making you believe in something that didn’t work for you.

How about that? Is that fair enough?  

You could screenshot this guarantee to know how serious I am about this ultimate skincare production secret and how it is going to be one of the most RESULT ORIENTED AND PROFITABLE skincare production training you will ever attend.

 And to prove to you how sure I am that this you will be 100% satisfied after the training, here are few of what my students have to say about the training. 

I first had doubt when paying for this trianing but I can guarantee now that this is the first course I will ever recommend online. There are so many things to learn from the course and knowing that my skin is actually sensitive this trianing here was my helper! It saved me, I totally recommend it. I was nervous thinking about the idea of creating my own skin care products and I felt it would be too complicated. Precious trianing was fun, easy to understand and follow. The knowledge and expertise she shares makes the trianing course so valuable. I can now make my own skin care products. One of my favorite things about this trianing is that there is support. She always respond when you have a question. She truly cares. Look no further. This trianing has you covered, you would achieve more than your expectations. Your money is worth spending on this trianing. Take advantage NOW. - Eunice


You see, one of the reason I’m doing this is to give you a chance to experience the joy and excitement of having a glowing and shiny skin and on top of that you are making crazy profit reselling what you will be producing after the training.

Nothing more.
I mean, I could easily make more than your N3, 500 in Days without much stress.
Selling just 2 or 3 of my skincare products
I will be VERY wicked to keep this kind of profitable information from you.
So I decided to dedicate my time to show you exactly how to produce skincare products of your choice that WORKS and make tons of money selling it after production.
But still, you’ve got only 3 choices right now.
Choice #1:
Do Nothing And Keep Wasting Money On Skincare Products. 
Understand this.
The choices we make determines who we become.
You could do nothing about this and just keep going on with your day.
 It’s very simple to do.   Just close this page and pretend as if you never saw this opportunity.   You won’t die.
But here’s the dark truth.
You might miss an opportunity, you will not get anytime soon.  
Plus, when you finally make up your mind to learn these skincare production. 
This program would have been increased to N50,000 naira and it will still be worth it…….plus all the FREE bonuses will be removed.   
Because the FREE bonuses are only available to the first 10 persons to enrol right now. 



You Could Forget About Me And Start Looking For Another Solution
I'm not the only skincare production expert. 
There are only A handful of us who are knowledgeable about this QUALITY and EFFECTIVE skincare production   But no One Will detail it In A Simplest Form As I Would In This  Intensive Training   Not yet   In fact...  
This is a not just a program where I will give you trianing and leave you stuck   Never…  
It's a COMPLETE DONE-WITH-YOU program where I will be HOLDING YOUR HANDS and walking you through the step by step process from start to finish    
You might have opted in to a training on skincare production before.  
And you probably were left on your own to set up everything from scratch    
Truth is....    
It can be really frustrating especially if you're not a fast learner      
That Is Exactly Why You Have The Third Option
Choice #3
 Once you get into the program
 I will give you a 30 days guarantee 
Here, you will have a full 30 days to try out what I will show you    
Plus....   I will hold your hand and show you exactly how it is done    
This will help you achieve your results FASTER    
….Plus I have a support Group Where I Answer All your questions so that you don't EVER get stuck.     That's not all.....   
You will get everything I have listed from the beginning     Everything   Every bonus Plus.... You will finally have the feel of having a smooth, glowing and beautiful skin...On top of that. You will continually make CRAZY profit selling these skincare product
What Exactly Will Happen If You Don't Enroll Into This Program Right Now?
  Well, if you close this page and not ENROL TODAY  
YOU will continue to struggle with getting a smooth, glowing and radiant skin and that could be FRUSTRATING


And here is why… 
You will not be admired,
You will not be complimented or even noticed.
You will become frustrated from trial and error 

You will Miss A MASSIVE Income Stream Opportunity That Could Change Your Financial Life Right Now.

You will as well continue WASTING money on skincare products, even some of them that doesn’t work, you will still waste your money on them.

But why allow all that to happen when you have a “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE” Investment that will permanently eliminate all those headache?

Now you have the final solution you need. 
Let's solve this problem once and for all for you. 

so, go ahead, click on the button below, make your payment and gain INSTANT access to the training room already prepared for smart people like you.

Step 1. Click the "Register Now" Button, or Transfer To  Bank Account Using the Details at the Bottom of this Page.

 Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
Account Name: Precious Ozemoya

Account Number: 0174742561 Amount: 3,500 naira

  Step 2. After enrolling or Transferring To the Bank Account, Private Chat me on whatsapp on 08130541904 or Send me a Mail with evidence of payment at glowbyprecious@gmail.com

Step 3. You will be IMMEDIATELY Added Special Skincare Whatsapp Group as soon as your Payment is Confirmed.

   I will see you inside the program

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